External Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities listed on this page are not administered by San Francisco State University. They are administered by outside organizations or foundations and usually can be applied at all accredited universities and colleges. You cannot apply for these scholarships from this website.

Click the scholarship name to learn more about the opportunity. Click the “Visit” link to go to the organization’s website for more information.

You can conduct a keyword search by:

  • Specific keyword (e.g., veterans, AB 540 or AB540, women, disabilities, high school senior, etc.) Try searching by using variations of the same word. For example, women, woman, female, Hispanic, Latino, disability, disabilities.
  • Major, enter your major (e.g., business, engineering, biology, film, etc..) into the keyword box and click search for a list of scholarships.
  • Ethnicity (e.g., African American, Asian, Hispanic, Latino/Latina, Jewish, etc.)
  • County you live in (e.g., San Mateo county, Contra Costa county, San Francisco county, Marin county, Bay Area, etc.)
  • Scholarship name
  • Enrollment status: (e.g., entering or continuing)

Below are fields on the individual Scholarship page and what they mean:
• Enrollment Status: “Any” means entering students and continuing SF state students are eligible to apply.
• Enrollment requirement: “Full-Time” means a 12 units for undergraduate students and 8 units for graduate students. This is the required enrollment to receive the
scholarship award.
• Financial Need as determined by the FAFSA or CA Dream App:
– “Yes” means applicant must submit a FAFSA or CA Dream App and have financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid.
– “Not a Requirement” means you do not have to file a FAFSA or CA Dream App to determine financial need.
– “Must file a FAFSA” means students must file a FAFSA and students who cannot file a FAFSA are not eligible.
– Check the “Criteria” to see if you must demonstrate financial need another way.
• Citizenship: “Any” means that any citizenship status may be eligible, including international students, undocumented students, and students with AB540 status

If you have any questions regarding a specific external scholarship, contact the organization.

DETERMINE YOU ARE QUALIFIED BEFORE APPLYING by reading the scholarship eligibility requirements (e.g., major, gpa, enrollment requirement to receive the scholarship, other requirements as stated) and questions CAREFULLY.

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