Generation to Generation Graduate School Award

Scholarship awarded for the Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 semester due to the awarding period varying check in with the department

  • Awarding Department: Sociology
  • Scholarship Intent: To assist undergraduate students and recent graduates of the Department of Sociology with the costs of application to graduate school.
  • Criteria:
    1) Graduating senior or Alumni who graduated from the Department of Sociology no more than two years prior to award application deadline are eligible.
    2) Financial need will be determined on the basis of the FAFSA submitted for graduating seniors or a written statement from the applicant of their financial need for recent graduates.
    3) Recipients will be nominated on the basis of their financial need, academic performance, and potential (as demonstrated by GPA and by recommendation of their Sociology professors).
    4) Awards will be made available to the recipients in advance of, or concurrent with, their graduate school application process. Within four months of the award being spend down, recipients will provide an accounting for how the monies were spent to the committee for their review.
  • Major: Single: Sociology
  • Class Level: Undergrad: Graduating Senior; Grad: N/A
  • Enrollment Status: Continuing and recent graduates with a BA in Sociology
  • Enrollment Requirement: Undergrad: 6 UNITS; Grad: N/A
  • Financial Need as determined by the FAFSA and/or CA Dream App: Must file a FAFSA
  • Citizenship: US Citizen/Perm Res
  • GPA: HS GPA: N/A; Undergrad or SF State GPA: 3.0; Grad GPA: N/A
  • Contact Person: Sociology Department
  • Campus Address: HSS 370
  • Street Address: 1600 Holloway, San Francisco, California 94132
  • Phone Number: (415) 338-1466
  • Email:
  • Web page: <>
  • Number of Awards: varies

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please confirm that you are expected to graduate in the Spring 2024 semester.
  2. Include your statement of purpose for your graduate school applications, explaining your goals and qualifications for graduate study
  3. Submit a list of graduate programs you are applying to or have applied to, the due dates and application fees; and/or a list of any graduate entrance exams, dates and fees;
  4. Please provide the name and e-mail address of an SFSU Sociology Faculty member who can provide a graduate school letter of recommendation on your behalf.