Osher Reentry Scholarship

Office of Student Financial Aid
This scholarship will be awarded for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. Must enroll in a minimum of 6 units to receive this TUITION assistance scholarship award

  • Awarding Department: Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Scholarship Intent: An annual scholarship for TUITION assistance to reentry students with financial need between the ages of 25 and 50+ whose education have been interrupted and who now have resumed those studies.
  • Criteria:
    1) Have experienced a cumulative gap in their education of 5 or more years.
    2) Pursuing first baccalaureate degree.
    3) Anticipate participation in the workforce for a significant period of time after graduation and are ideally between the ages of 25-50.
    4) Must describe your “financial need” in the personal statement.
    5) Show academic promise and commitment to obtaining degree.
    6) Students who are EXCLUSIVELY enrolled in ONLINE courses are NOT ELIGIBLE.
    7) International students are NOT ELIGIBLE.
    8) Scholarship must be applied to tuition fees exclusively.
    If you have other sources paying your tuition (e.g., State University grant, Cal grant, fee subsidies/waivers), and you receive this scholarship, your other resources may be adjusted.
  • Major: Any
  • Class Level: Undergrad: Any; Grad: N/A
  • Enrollment Status: Entering and Continuing
  • Enrollment Requirement: Undergrad: HALF-TIME (minimum 6 units); Grad: N/A
  • Financial Need as determined by the FAFSA and/or CA Dream App: Not a requirement
  • Citizenship: Any (International students are not eligible to apply)
  • GPA: HS GPA: N/A; Undergrad GPA: 3.0; Grad GPA: N/A
  • Contact Person: Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Campus Address: SSB, One Stop Center
  • Street Address: 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, California 94132-4011
  • Phone Number: (415)338-7000
  • Email: faschol@sfsu.edu
  • Web page: https://financialaid.sfsu.edu/scholarships
  • Number of Awards: Up to 20

up to $1500 - $4000
Office of Student Financial Aid
Supplemental Questions
  1. Will you be enrolled at SF State in a minimum of 6 units each semester during the ucpoming academic year?
  2. Do you anticipate working a significant number of years after graduation? Please DESCRIBE your specific CAREER GOALS and CAREER PLANS in your PERSONAL STATEMENT BELOW.
  3. Provide a timeline that details your CUMULATIVE FIVE OR MORE years gap in your college education. The gap does not have to be consecutive years. PROVIDE A LIST OF THE SCHOOLS AND DATES ATTENDED. INCLUDE your high school, community colleges, 4 year colleges, and other colleges attended. SAMPLE timeline: Lincoln High School, August 1987- June 1991; City College of SF, Fall 1991 - Spring 1993; Laney College, Spring 1996; City College of SF, Fall 2011 - Spring 2013.
  4. ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS for the OSHER REENTRY scholarship in your personal statement and give SPECIFIC examples. Statement must be written in ESSAY FORMAT and no more than 750 words. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME on your personal statement.
    • 1) What significant factors or events in your life have interrupted your education? 2) What has impacted your desire or ability to resume your education? 3) What are your educational goals? 4) How do you plan to finance your education? 5) Describe your need for financial assistance. 6) What are your career goals and your career plans after graduation? 7) RENEWAL APPLICANTS must answer this additional question: How did the Osher Reentry scholarship impact your academic success?
  5. Submit unofficial academic transcripts from ALL Community Colleges and other colleges attended. Please upload the academic transcript(s) as one file upload.