Family of George C. Feliz

Family of George C. Feliz

At the time of his death on March 29, 2000, Dr. George C. Feliz was Professor Emeritus of Economics at San Francisco State University. He received three degrees from Stanford, a baccalaureate degree with honors in 1930, an MBA in 1934, and a Ph.D in 1949.

Dr. Feliz began his teaching profession in the 1930’s. In 1946, he joined San Francisco State University as an assistant professor of business. His distinguished accomplishments included becoming the first dean of graduate studies at SF State. In this role, he gave impetus and direction to the expansion of the university’s graduate degree programs and fostered development of faculty and student services. He also served the California State University system and helped shape future curriculum, teaching, libraries, and worked tirelessly on subjects related to the improvement of graduate programs and services to students. In recognition of his pioneering service to the profession of teaching, he was elected chairman of the Western Association of Graduate Schools.

After retiring from San Francisco State University in 1975, Dr. Feliz moved to Contra Costa County. There, through his post-retirement activities, he made many contributions to the community. The George C. Feliz Scholarships in Economics and Environmental Studies were initially created by a gift from Dr. Feliz and have since been supported by his son Don Feliz.


“This scholarship will enable me to devote more time to my internship. Starting in the Spring semester, I am ecstatic to say that I will be working with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy as Waterbird Monitoring Intern at Alcatraz. Having time to work here means a lot to me because I want to be a wildlife monitor after I graduate and this job will give me the training and experience I will need to start working in that field. So thank you for helping me work towards my goal to be a wildlife monitor, with funds and confidence.”
Lisa Rachal, Fall 2015 Recipient of the George C. Feliz Scholarship in Environmental Studies