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Family and Friends of Jason Louis Zarri

The Jason Louis Zarri Memorial Scholarship is supported by Jason’s family and friends.

Jason grew up in Concord, CA and attended St. Agnes Catholic School from kindergarten through the 7th grade.Jason’s family endured some tragedies which greatly impacted Jason. He began to suffer from mental illness at age 10. He persevered and took several courses at DVC in Pleasant Hill. He was attracted to philosophy and studied at San Francisco State, where he stood out for his knowledge and kindness, and earned his BA degree and worked as a Teacher’s Assistant. He truly was a great reader and student, with a very logical mind. He founded the website Scholardarity with his friend Peter. Its mission is bringing scholars and students together to push the frontiers of knowledge with papers in History, Philosophy, Literature, Religion, Education and Theology. In spite of his great suffering from a bipolar brain disorder, he became the very special young man that so many of his friends, fellow students and professors have spoken of so highly.

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