In Memory of Ariana Mae Hatami

In Memory of Ariana Mae Hatami

The Ariana Mae Hatami Scholarship Endowment was created in honor of this young woman by her parents; Farzin and Julie Hatami. Ariana’s life was brutally and deliberately taken by a violent offender on December 17, 2016; she was 23 years old. Ariana was a business major at San Francisco State University and determined to graduate in a field that she was exceptionally talented. She had advanced herself as a Preferred Banker at First Republic Bank, Laurel Village branch in San Francisco. Her management, colleagues and customer’s describe Ariana as a bright young woman with a beautiful smile and warmth that drew people in. She was able to engage with her client’s from all walks of life and serve their banking needs with knowledge, professionalism and grace.

In the months following Ariana’s passing, her parents formed the Ariana Mae Hatami Foundation (Est. April, 2017) with a simple mission- ”Transforming a heart-shattering tragedy into hope for victims of violence”.

Relationship abuse and domestic violence are a fateful everyday occurrence. AMHF is a place where we work through and in partnership with local agencies that are aligned with our purpose. We provide added resources so that victims of violence will receive an extra layer of help. With this endeavor, Ariana’s light and legacy will continue to shine for years to come.  

We hope this scholarship will provide the SFSU students an inspiration to carry on and totally break free from the cycles of domestic violence and in doing so, quite possibly make a significant positive impact that triggers a ripple effect for the world to see. 

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