Adelante U.S. Education Leadership Fund

  • Scholarship Intent: Adelante offers scholarships to help reduce the economic barriers to education for students of Hispanic descent.
  • Criteria:
    1) Adelante offers multiple scholarships with varying criteria.
    2) Visit website or contact organization for all opportunities and specific criteria.
    3) Must be of Hispanic descent.
    4) Must submit 1-2 letters of recommendation.
  • Major: Multiple: All majors in the College of Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Business, Finance, Computer Science, Marketing, Engineering,
  • Class Level: Undergrad: Sophomore, Junior, Senior; Grad: N/A
  • Enrollment Status: Continuing
  • Enrollment Requirement: Undergrad: FULL-TIME; Grad: N/A
  • Financial Need as determined by the FAFSA and/or CA Dream App: Not a Requirement
  • Citizenship: US Citizen/Perm Res
  • GPA: HS GPA: N/A; Undergrad GPA: 3.0; Grad GPA: N/A
  • Contact Person: Highpoint Towers
  • Contact Person title:
  • Street Address: 8415 Datapoint Drive, Ste. 400 San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Phone Number: 210.692.1971
  • Extension:
  • Email:
  • Number of Awards: Varies